Easter Island, Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica (2012)


Easter Island moaiEaster Island

Visit to Santiago prior to departure to Easter Island
Day 1 - Getting there and hiking around
Day 2 - Visiting sites in southern end of island
Day 3 - Visiting sites in northern end of island
Day 4 - Leaving the island

Hostel signUshuaia

Getting from Santiago to Ushuaia
Views around Ushuaia

Penguins and kayaksFalkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica

In transit from Ushuaia to Falklands (Days 1 & 2)
West Falkland (Day 3)
East Falkland (Day 4)
In transit to South Georgia (Days 5 & 6)
South Georgia - Salisbury Plain & Shackleton Walk (Day 7)
South Georgia - Prion Island & Grytviken Whaling Station (Day 8)
South Georgia - Moltke Harbour & Gold Harbour (Day 9)
South Georgia - Cooper Bay & Drygalski Fjord (Day 10)
In transit from South Georgia to Elephant Island (Day 11)
In transit from South Georgia to Elephant Island (Day 12)
Elephant Island (Day 13)
South Shetlands (Day 14)
Antarctic Peninsula - Lemaire Channel & Camping (Day 15)
Antarctic Peninsula - Paradise Bay & Gerlache Channel (Day 16)
In transit from Antarctic Peninsula to Ushuaia (Days 17 & 18)

Guard in Buenos AiresFrustration of getting back from Ushuaia

Ushuaia to El Calafate and breakdown
El Calafate to Buenos Aires
Buenose Aires to Ottawa and home


Anakena BeachEaster Island

Easter Island (single video)
Easter Island (Part 1)
Easter Island (Part 2)

Kayaking in AntarcticaFalklands, S. Georgia, S. Shetlands, Antarctica

Ushuaia to West Falkland
Port Stanley (East Falkland) to South Georgia
South Georgia (1st half)
South Georgia (2nd half)
Elephant Island and South Shetlands
Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
Port Lockroy, Antarctica to Ushuaia

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